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# ChattyCathy
Artificial intelligence (AI) chat bot for Discord written in Python
# Project Home Page
Visit the project page on for more information.
# AIML Tutorial
For more details on using AIML with Python, see the tutorial on DevDungeon.
# Live Demo
Chat with Chatty Cathy in the DevDungeon Discord server channel #chat-with-cathy.
# Set up your own bot
Run your own bot by following the instructions below.
## Installation
pip install cathy
Or download this package and install with
python install
## Running
cathy --help
## Usage
Discord chat bot using AIML artificial intelligence
cathy <channel> <token>
<channel> Name of channel to chat in (no hashtag)
<token> Bot's Discord API token
-h --help Show this screen.
## Example Usage
## Contact
[email protected]
Cathy AI Discord Chat Bot
Artificial intelligence (AI) chat bot for Discord written in Python
.. image::
:alt: Documentation Status
Read the documentation online at
Optionally, build the documentation from the ``docs/`` folder::
pip install sphinx
cd docs/
make html
[email protected]
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