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Conlanging layer



This layer adds support for conlanging.


  • Generate graphviz trees based on Elisp trees

  • Replace some text by its runic equivalent (supports the Mattér and Eittlandic languages)

  • Adds phonetics to Ňyqy text

  • Provides custom shortcuts

Graphviz trees

The conlanging layer provides one public function called conlanging/tree-to-dot. It accepts as its sole argument a list of strings or lists, such as the following:

  (setq-local vowels
        ("[high]" ("ü"))
        ("{high}" ("ö")))
        ("[high]" ("u"))
        ("{high}" ("o"))))
        ("[high]" ("y"))
        ("{high}" ("ë")))
        ("[high]" ("i"))
        ("{high}" ("e"))))))

When passed in the above mentioned function, and the result itself is passed through graphviz, we get the following result:

  (conlanging/tree-to-dot vowels)


This example tree is only a binary tree, but a single node can have up to ten children. See some examples in the Ňyqy source file.

It is planned to merge this project into this layer in order to facilitate the creation of trees based on distinctive features.


To install this layer, either clone this project in your ~/.emacs.d/private/ folder, or symlink it from there to your actual clone location. Then, add conlanging in your dotspacemacs file in the dotspacemacs-configuration-layers list:

  (setq-default dotspacemacs-configuration-layers '(conlanging))

You can then reload your configuration file with SPC f e R, or restart Emacs with SPC q r or SPC q R.

Key bindings

Key Binding Description
SPC l e l (org-mode only) Translate Einnlandish transliteration into native latin
SPC l e r (org-mode only) Translate Einnlandish transliteration into runes
SPC l m L (org-mode only) Translate Mattér transliteration into LaTeX runes
SPC l m l (org-mode only) Translate Mattér transliteration into native latin
SPC l m r (org-mode only) Translate Mattér transliteration into runes
SPC o l e o Open Eittlandic file
SPC o l h o Open Hjelp file
SPC o l m o Open Mattér file
SPC o l n o Open Ňyqy file
SPC o l o Open the conlanging directory
SPC o l t o Open Tãso file