Commit 628af2ac authored by Geoffry Song's avatar Geoffry Song

use explicit <_ as Synom> to fix breakage

parent 66cf7805
......@@ -94,13 +94,13 @@ fn parse_rules(mut input: Cursor) -> PResult<Vec<Rule>> {
let mut rules = vec![];
while !input.eof() {
// FIXME: Make some nicer error messages, preferably when syn supports it.
let (pattern, input_) = LitStr::parse(input)?;
let (_, input_) = <Token![=>]>::parse(input_)?;
let (pattern, input_) = <LitStr as Synom>::parse(input)?;
let (_, input_) = <Token![=>] as Synom>::parse(input_)?;
// Like in a `match` expression, braced block doesn't require a comma before the next rule.
let optional_comma =;
let (expr, input_) = Expr::parse(input_)?;
let (expr, input_) = <Expr as Synom>::parse(input_)?;
rules.push(Rule { pattern, expr });
match <Token![,]>::parse(input_) {
match <Token![,] as Synom>::parse(input_) {
Ok((_, input_)) => {
input = input_;
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