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Commit a6136893 authored by James Gilles's avatar James Gilles

Update to nightly 2017-02-15

parent 2ecfecdd
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ This crate provides a couple syntax extensions:
give each nonterminal a Rust type, allowing you to build an AST recursively.
It also supports spans, giving you convenient source location reporting.
You can find a demo in `examples/`. Note that nightly Rust is required.
You can find a demo in `examples/`. Note that nightly Rust (> 2017-02-15) is required.
## Usage
......@@ -113,7 +113,11 @@ fn parse_lexer<'a>(cx: &mut base::ExtCtxt<'a>, sp: codemap::Span, args: &[TokenT
let text_pat = try!(parser.parse_pat());
let text_lt = if {
if let Some(lt) = parser.eat_lifetime() {
} else {
return Err(parser.fatal("expected a lifetime"));
} else {
cx.lifetime(DUMMY_SP, Symbol::gensym("text"))
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