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* The PRAKDA compiler and interpreter
** Introduction
The PRAKDA language is a programming language that can be both interpreted and compiled to x86-64 assembly. It does not aim yet at being a complex, full-featured language; rather it is just a small language complex enough to be interesting to its developer (me).
The PRAKDA language is also a university assigment for my class of /languages’ interpretation and compilation/, hence its development might not continue past December 2018.
** The basics of this language.
This language relies on a simple sentence: “everything is a function”, hence there will be no distinction between the creation of variables and functions as we know them in usual languages such as C, C++, Rust, or Java.
** global
*** TODO make the `exit` keyword only available with the interpreter
*** TODO write a more precise readme
*** TODO write a formal syntax
*** TODO Add types other than i64
** interpreter
** compiler
*** TODO write the goddamn thing, x86-64
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